Busy Beebee

Well, hello there people! I thought that I would bring you all up to date with my life today.

I have been a busy bee. Life has been hectic and I’m feeling a little burnt out – the weather might be dampening my spirits too. Jerk. Some of you have emailed with questions while others are sending silent questions my way. I know because I can read your mind. So here is a quick run down of the latest and the greatest.

  • Nouman and I are approaching our 4 month mark Alhamdulilah – can you believe it? Time is flying by faster than I could have ever imagined
  • We are officially finished with all weddings and baby showers… until December. Side note – I went to a baby shower on Sunday and met someone who reads my blog… that was pretty cool!
  • Although we have been on numerous dates dawats with aunties and uncles, Nouman and I have only gone out twice since being married
  • If you know me, the above is not good because I am dying to try out restaurants near our home. Nouman knows nothing about restaurants in his neighbourhood – unless you count Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. He loves those places.
  • We finally have our wedding pictures and videos! I can’t wait to share them with you – but you’ll have to wait. I have a pretty crazy schedule for the next 1.5 – 2 weeks. I will also be making some changes (hopefully) to the blog before I post the pictures up – yeay!
  • No, I have not changed my last name
  • Yes, I’ve had some awkward moments as a newly wed – less than I expected, which is good! One time, Nouman’s friend took us out for lunch and gave us a box of chocolate (I love See’s Candies!). Obviously, I cracked open the box as soon as we got in the car and started munching away. Nouman was too full to eat (as if you need an empty stomach to eat chocolate. Sheesh.) so I decided to eat half of each piece of chocolate. There was mainly only one of the same flavour so I thought I would share; Nouman could eat his half whenever he wanted. That makes sense, right? Well, after not being able to eat the chocolate after a few days, Nouman decided to take the box upstairs. This would be fine except that Nouman and I live in his parents basement. You might know where this is heading. Noumans mom opened the box and saw the mess I had made – she couldn’t stop laughing. I was so embarrassed – I think I said something about how I wanted to share it with him. I was trying to be nice guys! She was probably wondering what kind of weirdo her son married. Oh well…
  • I have gained weight and for the first time in my life, I am unable to lose my gut. I’m not trying very hard but still!
  • “How is married life?” is the most common question I hear. The answer to this question warrants an entire post so stay tuned – dun dun dun! In a nutshell, it’s a huge change. For me, anyway. Those of you who are getting married soon, you should look out for that post
  • Everyday, Nouman and I come home to a hot meal waiting for us because his mom is sweet enough to cook for us. Starting next week, this will change. Noumans mom will be travelling and I have to cook – I am SO dreading it! Not because I don’t know how to cook – I can cook basic things such as daal, chawal, a loo, pasta’s, etc – but because I don’t like cooking. I’d rather starve. Okay, I lied – I love food way too much. PLEASE help me; I’d love to know some easy and quick recipes – preferably vegetarian.

Pardah hai pardah. A teaser from the mehendi. That’s me!

Other than that, I’m planning on doing a FAQ section so please hit me up with any questions you have!


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4 responses to “Busy Beebee

  • Mariam

    You look so cute in the pardah haha! Can’t wait to read more about your wedding and married life experiences! My wedding is exactly 30 days away inshaAllah and I LOVE reading your blog! I also wanted to thank you for answering all my questions about shopping in Karachi 🙂 I had a great time and did go to many places you recommended, with good results alhumdolillah!

    • Shaza's Scrapbook

      Thanks Mariam!
      Oooh so close – I hope everything goes smoothly InshAllah. Enjoy every moment because it goes by so quickly!
      Yeay – so happy to hear that you were able to get everything… shopping is the funnest!

      ~ Shaza ~

  • Mary

    Hi Shaza 🙂

    Wow, I can relate to so much in your post. Being a newlywed, your whole life turns upside down.. life will never be the same again, in both good and not so great ways!! But the good points of having a husband far outshine the extra responsibilities of keeping house, cooking etc.

    Your picture is gorgeous!! I can’t wait to see your wedding roundups. 🙂


    • Shaza's Scrapbook

      Hi Mary,
      Thank God you can relate! I sometimes feel like I’m the only person who has more to say than just how amazing everything is. But yes, definitely, having a hubby far outshines everything. Such a great phase in our lives 🙂

      ~ Shaza ~

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