About Shaza

If you’ve clicked on the “About Shaza” section, I’m assuming you stumbled across my blog somehow and now you’re a little intrigued. Just a little. So, who am I and why do I have this blog?

My name is Shaza and I’m a girl (can I still be called a girl?) in my twenties, living in Toronto. When I started this blog, I was newly engaged and had just started planning my wedding. While researching online, I realized that there aren’t alot of resources for Pakistani brides – yeah, what’s up with that?! – so I decided to centralize my thoughts here. Something you should know about me: I had been planning my wedding long before my husband, Nouman, came into the picture. Yup, I’m one of those girls. I hope this blog is a space that inspires and helps all of you current and future brides-to-be, especially South Asian dulhans!

Oh, by the way, I am a total food junkie. When I’m not thinking about weddings, my mind is occupied with thoughts about food. Food is amazing. I so wish I could tell you that I’m an amazing cook with insipiring new ideas, but I’m not. I would much rather eat your food than cook it myself. This might pose as a problem now that I’m wifey…

Although Nouman and I got married in June 2012 (Alhamdulilah), this blog will continue to be centered around weddings and food. Those are my two obsessions and I’m not willing to let either go. Not yet, anyway.

Enough about me though, I’d love to hear from you!

~ Shaza ~


24 responses to “About Shaza

  • Anum

    Just came across your blog – your comments are so sweet 🙂 thanks. All the best with your wedding planning! x

  • anonymous

    This is gonna sound weird, but i came across your blog quite randomly and i absolutely love it! Masha’Allah you sound like an awesome person. Your commentary evokes someone who is Mash’Allah well rounded, decent, sincere, honest and humble. May Allah (swt) bless you and your marriage and bring you much happiness always. Ameen
    All the best with your wedding!

  • Dr. Ali Junaid

    Listen Kiddo, I came across your blog and was highly dissapointed.. This is not how a muslim girl should be like !
    You are being sooo romantic about your fiance.. writing words like “alhumdullilah” and “mashallah” at the end of a cheap sentence does not help.. infact, you are making a joke of yourself.. i am guessing that you are not nikahified to him yet.. and if that is so then Islam does not allow you to romance around with him.. muslim gals should have some dignity and should stay at a distance from all non-mahram men.. Once you are married, you can write anything you want about him… Even if your parents are cool about it or cant control your behaviour, you should have some sense of our own !
    If you cant do all this then i would suggest that you should rename your blog to “Shaza’s PDA” instead of shazas scrapbook cuz believe me its all about public display of affection..
    Sister dont get offended.. Im just saying all this cuz i dont want nonmuslims to think that muslim gals are nothing but trash..

    • Tas

      its assholes like YOU who give islam a bad name and make US muslims look bad. who the hell are you to preach about what a muslim girl should do or not..?! this is her blog and she can do or say what she wants.
      Change your name to something else because you are disrespecting ALI’s name with your bullshit!

  • Yusra

    Hey Shaza !! I think that 3 days is the perfect choice !! here they started ( some crazy dump ppl ) making everythign in one day !! oh yea !! ( even the mehndi wht the heck ? !) but that’s really not amazing :/ , other ppl organize only the mehndi nd the reception , but still the 3days events have their own charm ! 😀

  • obsession99

    why hello sista!!! i am getting married the same year too and would like to follow your blog … – i am prolly going to be doing the same thing – like blogging about my wedding but only this one is going to have a lahorii twist 😉

    do check it out 🙂

  • Sadaf

    Hi Shaza,

    Came upon your blog through Naz Fashion Bug’s Facebook Page. I’m getting married next year and I can’t believe how little resources there are for Pakistani weddings. Hence I was happy to see yours. I hope you’ll add more posts soon about places to book/clothes to get. Would be a great help!

    • Shaza's Scrapbook

      Hi Sadaf,
      Congratulations! Definitely agree – there aren’t alot of things out there for Pakistani weddings. Hope your wedding planning goes smoothly!
      Thanks for stopping by – yes, I’ll definitely be adding more posts on those 🙂

      ~ Shaza ~

  • aisha umer

    i like your blog , and congrates for ur marriage.

  • Neelam

    Hi! I have no idea how i came across your blog but I’m so happy i did or else i wouldn’t have found your funny, inspiring posts. I read them all in one day! :O LOL. I love the tips/advice you give, it’s always a joy to read. Although I’m not getting married. Yet. I know I’ll be able to use some of the things you’ve talked about (if that makes sense) and I also plan on making a blog about my wedding (Inshallah) but for the girlies across the pond (yep, I’m from the UK, well Scotland) and I like the way you remind me of myself (not in a creepy way). Before this gets insanely long I’ll finish of saying congratulations on getting married, I soo look forward to your future posts and all the best! x

    • Shaza's Scrapbook

      Hi Neelam,
      Thank you so much – I’m so glad you are enjoying reading the blog and have found some useful tips! You absolutely should write a blog when your wedding comes along InshAllah; it’s fun to let out your feelings and helps other brides too. Totally get what you mean – I sometimes read other bloggers and think OMG! She GETS me!! Haha 🙂
      Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment – means alot to me!

      ~ Shaza ~

  • Mariam

    I happened to randomly come across your fanpage on facebook and ended up reading you blog; it’s great! Your tips are so helpful and your words have so much personality in them. I’m not getting married yet, but when I do insha’Allah, I know I’ll be coming back to your blog just to see if I missed anything on y to-do lists as well.
    All the best for you big day insha’Allah and may Allah(SWT) bless your marriage 🙂

    • Shaza's Scrapbook

      Wsalam Mariam,
      Aww thank you so much – I’m glad you found it useful 🙂 I’ll be making more checklists in the future, so I hope when your time comes InshAllah, it’ll help make things easier!
      Thank you for the well wishes :)InshAllah & Ameen

      ~ Shaza ~

  • THS

    omg! Your blog has helped me so much! I’m about to get married this year as well, and err..was kinda clueless with the rituals.

    Thanks a lot! And all the best for your wedding!

  • Ameem Rahman

    Congrats on your Wedding Shaza – Best of luck and may allah bless you with u r happiness ameen and have a wonderful adventure with u r hubby .. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR NEW LIFE !!

  • Humaira

    I came acrodd your blog when someone posted your blog link on Gushup forum. I love it! Not engaged or married yes, yes I’m one of those girls, but I LOVE your helpful advise and inspiration! Congrats on getting married!

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