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DIY: How To Pin Bridal Dupatta

A friend of mine recently asked me how to pin bridal dupatta’s at home. I’ve pinned my dupatta without the help of a “professional” on two occasions and Alhamdulillah it stayed in place.

Step 1: Creating the Puff
Use a bumpit. Dear Bride, it is your friend.
When setting your dupatta, you want to add a little bit of height at the front of your head to gain a better shape and setting of the dupatta. A bumpit is perfect to add height. Bumpits come in a few different sizes – I used the middle-sized one. If you have fine hair and the bumpit is visible through your hair, don’t worry! Your dupatta will cover up everything.
Note: Do a trial run with your dupatta and bumpit. If you place the bumpit too close to the top of your hair, your head will appear cone-shaped. If it’s too low, it won’t create the right amount of height. Practice!
Where to buy a bumpit: I’ve seen them at the dollar store ($2) or at an “As Seen on TV” store. They come in different colours (black, brown, blonde) so buy one that matches your hair. Duh.
Alternative: Tease your hair. Instead of using a bumpit, you can tease your hair to create a “puff” and then place your dupatta on your head.


Step 2: Drape Your Dupatta
Once you have your desired hair height, place the dupatta in the style that you want to wear it. Be sure to check the length of the dupatta on each side.

Checking to see if everything looks good

Step 3: Pesky Pins
The tricky part.
Pin the dupatta on the side of your head first. The best type of pin to use is a sewing pin (see below). Try to get a sewing pin that has a small and clear head – making it barely visible on your dupatta. At my baat pakki, we were a little frazzled and couldn’t find enough sewing pins so we used a bobby pin on one side. The bobby pin was really visible but the sewing pin looked non-existent 🙂

Sewing Pin

Step 3: Pinning at the Shoulders
After pinning at the side of your head, pin your dupatta to your shoulders. This helps keep the dupatta in place. Use a small safety pin – pinning from the inside of your outfit.

Safety Pin

Step 4: Lift the Weight
Last step – pin your dupatta at the upper to mid back to keep the weight balanced. By pinning the dupatta at the back, you’ll help prevent it from sliding off the top of your head. Use a slightly bigger safety pin than you used on your shoulders.

Step 5: Check
Check yourself out. You know you look good! 🙂

No visible pins!

Loookieee. Butterfly?


DIY Makeup: E-shoot

Initially, for our engagement shoot, I had a trial booked with a Makeup Artist. Due to some scheduling issues, I ended up not getting my makeup done by the makeup artist.

Instead, I opted to do my own makeup. I figured that I know how I want to look, so I’d give it a shot! I think it turned out pretty okay 🙂 Below are some pointers.
Side note: Even though I don’t use expensive or branded makeup, the products I use have worked just fine for me. Most likely, I will be investing in some good quality products as I get closer to the wedding.

The Basics

  • Primer, primer, primer. Under my foundation, I used Rimmels primer (under $10!) – it looks orange but once you put it on your skin, it doesn’t leave a colour. It worked well for me – gave me the smoothness I was looking for.
  • Foundation: I used Estee Lauder (my first time using this brand) – it was incredibly light and the colour matched well with my skin tone.
  • Eye Shadow Primer: I’ve never used any sort of eyeshadow primer before but it worked out nicely for me! The primer helped keep my eyeshadow on the whole day

The Eyes
I love dramatic eyes, so naturally I wanted to do a smokey eye. I opted for gold and black since both these colours would compliment my two outfits. I use my plain old fingers to blend my shadows – yup, oldschool.

I went for two looks. During the graffiti portion of our shoot, I chose bright pink lips to accent my bold pink heels.
For the second look, I dared to go bolder – red hot lips. My outfit and shoes were neutral colours – dark denim dress, black shrug and black leather sandals – so it made sense to add a pop of colour on my lips!

This picture was taken after I got home. My makeup had been on for around 8 hours

DIY: Wedding Makeup

Every girl/bride knows how important make-up is on the big day. As the bride, you are the center of attention for the entire night. Forget the venue, the decor, the food. Nothing compares to how much everyone loves talking about the bride; her clothes, jewellery, hair and makeup are the center of everyone’s discussions.

For me, I’m not too concerned about what everyone else thinks about the way I look. I figured, we all have our likes and dislikes – one person might think I look amazing while someone thinks not-so-much. I think a bride is beautiful when she looks like herself (ahem… not covered in a sheet of white instead of her face) and exudes confidence and happiness. As long as I’m content with my look, the rest is all good.

In conjunction with our venue search, I’m also looking for Make Up Artists. Which brings me to the question: To DIY or not to DIY?

I’m obviously choosing not to do it myself , for a variety of reasons – on the big day, the last thing I want to worry about is not having time to do the best job; I want to feel like it’s my wedding and not as if I’m getting ready to go to a party; who doesn’t love a bit of pampering?; I’ve never set a heavy dupatta or jewellery… the list goes on

Having said that, I think I can do a pretty okay job of doing my own makeup. Check out my picture below from an event I went to. Obviously, it’s not a bridal look since that wasn’t the look I was going for. But I’m not going to lie, I have done “trials” myself to get an idea of what I want to look like. Don’t judge me – I know you all do it!

Would you consider doing your own makeup??

Black and Silver