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Friday’s Feature: Rammal’s Photography and Digital Art Hub

I’ve been wanting to feature this Islamabad based photographer for a while – you  might recognize their work from previous posts of mine.

Anyway, I think Rammal has a very unique eye and is able to capture some extremely gorgeous moments. Is it just me or all her brides super stunning and well dressed?

How cute is this?

And this?

This bride is a designer and wore one of her own creations

You probably remember this bride from one of my previous posts!

I love the picture of the bride and her parents walking in! Can you tell her dad is sad? Sigh!

Check out that amazing door

I love twirling pictures!

This bride is stunning. If she’s not a model, she totally should be

*All the above images are via Rammal Photography’s Facebook Page*

Have a good weekend! I may be cooking on Sunday – pray for me!


Friday’s Feature: Sara Baig Designs

Over the past few weeks, I have featured numerous couples on Friday. I thought I’d switch gears and highlight a multi-talented individual today!

While searching for a decorator for my wedding, I came across Sara Baig Designs. Sara Baig does design and event planning – be it a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary, birthday or any other special moment.

Although I did like SBD’s work online, I really fell in love when I saw her work at a family friends wedding. Her work exudes beautiful simplicity, elegance and modern chic. I have seen Sara Baig’s work numerous times now and I have always been blown away by the classiness.

I had the opportunity to meet Sara Baig at the Civilized Bride Show  – she is sweet, down to earth, and easy to talk to. Her personal style reflected that of her work – simple, elegant and oh-so-polished.

*All the above images are via Sara Baig Designs Facebook page*

Vendor Review: Sonia’s Henna Art

You might recall how excited I was to find a mehendi person for our wedding – I love mehendi so I wanted it to be nice. I’m not sure where to start with this review so I’m going to cut straight into it:

I was disappointed with Sonia.

About 2 weeks before my wedding, I received a message from a previous client of Sonia warning me not to use her. The clients experience was not good because Sonia was late and had rushed the bride and her family. After hearing that, I was a little nervous but thought I’d give her a try anyway. We had another lady coming to do Mehendi for my family, so the worst case scenario would be to rely on the backup person.

The day before my Mehendi, Sonia was scheduled to be at my house for 7pm – this gave me enough time to get home from my nail appointment, change my clothes and eat. However, as I walked in the door at 6:30pm, we received a call that Sonia was here. I thought, wow… a desi person, who’s EARLY? That’s awesome! When Sonia entered, she thought my appointment was scheduled for 6pm and that she was late – not a good sign if my appointment been for 6pm. Anyway, I told her I’d be about 15-20 minutes as I needed to change. As soon as I said this, she asked if I could be ready in 10 minutes since she needed to get back home. Ummm… what?! A little annoyed, I let it go because she seemed somewhat flustered.

I changed super fast, didn’t bother eating and rushed to get started with the mehendi. I’d rather that she take her time than charge through our mehendi session. I sat down, told her the style I wanted (not heavy and very bareek/traditional mehendi) and we got on our way.

For about 2 seconds, that is.

Almost as soon as we started, she received a call from one of her friends. Without getting too negative this is what happened: The entire time Sonia did my first hand, she kept getting calls – she would swear at receiving the call, ATTEND the call, hang up and then apologize to me. This happened 3 or 4 times and it was really distracting.

When she finished my hand, I told her I didn’t like it and that it wasn’t what I had asked for. She started apologizing and telling me that she doesn’t like it either and that she ruined my hand. She even went on to say that if people ask, I shouldn’t give out her name – she might have been joking about that. I must have looked upset because she said something along the lines of: “You’re not going to cry, are you?” Apparently, another bride had cried because she didn’t like her mehendi design.

As she started my second hand, the mehendi artist for my family came in. Once Sonia saw the second mehendi artist, she started getting visibly nervous. She kept saying that the other lady is “so good” and “so much better” and that I should have just gotten it done from her instead.

Definitely not something a client wants to hear!

Long story short, she ended up only doing the insides of my hand and I got the outside done by the second mehendi person. As she was leaving, she said she got nervous because of the second mehendi person and that’s why she couldn’t do a good job.

Below are the major setbacks:

  • Lack of Professionalism: Attending personal phone calls and swearing around your clients is just not acceptable.
  • Disregard for Time: In my case, Sonia was early but that was a fluke; she had thought she was late. Similar thing happened to the blog reader who messaged me – coincidence? I hope so. In addition, if you have booked an appointment with someone, the last thing they want to hear is that you need to leave soon
  • Inability to Follow Client’s Request: I might be an isolated incident but I felt as if I wasn’t heard. Maybe it was because she was distracted/nervous, but she had a hard time delivering the type of design I wanted
  • Colour: Bluntly put, the colour of Sonia’s mehendi was bad. Since Sonia doesn’t make her own mehendi (which she tells everyone upfront), she relies on someone else to supply them to her. I have seen the mehendi of the supplier on numerous people (including myself) and it is always very light. Sonia told me that if I take care of my hands (she gave me instructions), that the colour would come… but it didn’t.

As an aside note, I did think that the “party” mehendi she applied was okay. The designs weren’t the greatest – they were pretty average – but definitely nothing that warrants a negative review.

The first hand – Nice design but completely not what I had asked for

Second hand

“Party” Mehendi Design – the hand on the left, palm facing you, is by Sonia.

Overall, I was disappointed with Sonia because she didn’t give me what I wanted and lacked professionalism. I did think her design was nice, just not what I had asked. Based on my experience, I would not recommend her. Sonia does have potential but there is alot of room for improvement. She has a long way to go if she wants to excel in this competitive industry.

Friday’s Feature: Talha Siddiqi Photo & Design

I am so glad it’s Friday!!! Today is my last day at work before the wedding – no, I’m not quitting work. I’m going to be away for almost 4 weeks due to the wedding. YEAY! It feels surreal that when I come back to work, I’ll be a MRS. That sounds weird.

Today’s feature is Talha Siddiqi Photo & Design. I have silently been stalking Talha Siddiqi’s work for a looong time (I seem to say that alot – don’t judge me!) because he is SO good! I met with Talha late last year and I have to say that he is one of the most professional photographers I have met. He values customer satisfaction and does not compromise his clients privacy – a quality I love (trust me, I’ve seen many vendors in the wedding industry sharing stories/pictures of their client without their consent)! He is very clear and upfront about everything – no hidden surprises. Talha is also very easy to talk to; he listens to what you want but also expresses his professional opinion.

I haven’t viewed an entire album of his (i.e. pictures from start to finish of an event) but I love his couples shoots. They’re always ahmazing and his brides always have the most stunning clothes (seriously!).

Out of all the vendors I met, Talha was the most professional and knowledgeable. He knows what he’s doing and his confidence (not cockiness) made me feel confident in him. I love that feeling.

You might remember this bride from my tumblr account

By far, this is my absolute favourite shot

*All the above images are from the Facebook page of Talha Siddiqi Photo & Design*

p.s. This might be my last Friday’s Feature before the wedding! I’m going to try and feature some pictures from my mayoun next Friday, but no promises 🙂 If I don’t get time, be sure to check my Facebook and Twitter pages for updates!


Our Wedding Venues

A handful of you have asked me about my wedding venues, so I thought I would write a post instead of responding individually.

As you might recall, our venue search was extremely thorough – Nouman and I must have visited atleast 15 places together (I probably went to 5 additional ones). We’re both detail-opriented and had a specific look in mind (thankfully, the same look); satisfying both of us was harder than I thought.

From the get-go, we knew we wanted Chandni for the mehendi. It’s a good venue with decent food, good pricing and a few extras – they have colourful overlays and centerpieces are included.

So far, our dealings with Chandni has been great Alhamdulilah. They always get back to us (WHY is it so hard for people in this industry to get back to clients in a timely fashion?) and are accommodating.

Image via Chandni Banquet Hall’s Facebook Page

This was probably the hardest venue for us. Nouman wanted a place that wasn’t in an industrial area and had a grand entrance. I wanted something traditional with high ceilings and an “open” feel. We searched far and wide. If there was a venue that I liked, Nouman would shoot it down. If he actually liked a place, I would not approve of something. We went back and forth. We both really liked West River – the only part we could not get over was their entrance. To get to the hall/lobby, you have to either take stairs or use an elevator; this would be fine except that his baraat entrance and our rukhsati would be squished and cramped.

At one of the South Asian wedding shows (I don’t remember which one), I had seen a booth for an amazing venue. I had initially thought of this venue during our initial researching but then put it out of my mind – there was noway I could get that venue. At the end of one of our frustrating venue hunting days, I casually mentioned (Me and casual? Yeah, right. I’m pretty sure I told him how much I loved, loved, loved this place and it was my dream location) the venue to Nouman. He saw pictures of the venue, Grand Empire, and fell in love. Score!

Two issues came to mind straight away: budget and construction. Obviously, this GRAND venue seemed like it was way out of my budget. Secondly, the venue was under construction and expected to open late summer 2011 – there was a slight chance it might not be ready in time (construction delays happen all the time).

Long story short, Nouman spoke to the owner and we finally signed the contract! The owner, Gurjit, has been amazing to work with. Nouman and I have been so extremely happy because he has personally taken care of everything for us from day 1. Their service, so far, has extended to beyond just their own venue – they are always around to give advice or help out when there is an issue with other vendors. Nouman and Gurjit talk so frequently that I’m pretty sure they have each other on speed dial.

Image via Grand Empire’s Facebook Page. I love their lights.

I have to give credit to my older sister – she was the one who referred us to our Valima venue, Apollo Convention Centre. Similar to Grand Empire, Apollo was under construction when we first booked it. From their picture projections, it was everything we wanted – modern and oh-so-chic. We have been dealing with Uncle Bassi and he has been great – extremely accommodating and reliable; he has given us everything he had promised… and then some 🙂

Image via Apollo’s Facebook page. This is the girls washroom!

I can’t wait to see how these look with our decor on the 3 days!

p.s. if you’re looking for venues, I would absolutely recommend going to these places. Feel free to use Nouman/my referral – especially at Grand Empire 🙂 I’ll be posting a full review of each venue after the wedding.

Friday’s Feature: Zoreed Raza – La Celebrators

I came across the work of Wedding Planner & Event Designer, Zoreed Raza, on Facebook last week. Her organization, La Celebrators, does stunning work!


This would be perfect for a mehendi


Can you imagine walking down THIS aisle? Stunning!

This isn’t even the stage…

Unique Walkway

*All the above images are via Zoreed Raza’s Facebook Page*

Have a good weekend everyone!

Friday’s Feature: Sonia’s Henna Art – My Mehendi Artist

I have finally found a Mehendi (henna) person for the wedding! If you recall from my Facebook status, I had asked you guys to recommend someone who isn’t too pricey but also knows how to do “bareek” (intricate) kaam – I wanted traditional Pakistani mehendi, not Arabic style. A big thank you to all of you who replied with suggestions!

I fell in love with the amazing work by NJ’s Unique Henna Art. Nadra’s work was exactly what I was looking for. However, I did not book her due to timing/scheduling aswell as her price. I urge you to check her work – it is stunning!

Enter my mehendi artist. I saw the gorgeous work of Sonia’s Henna Art on Facebook and knew I had to contact her. Her work is exquisite and delicate – exactly what I want. Sonia’s customer service has been great so far – she responds quickly and thoroughly. My mayoun photographer has also recommended her to me as most of her brides have gotten their mehendi done by Sonia. Double YEAY!

*All the images are from Sonia’s Henna Art Facebook Page*

There’s a girl on her arm!

Great colour!

Have you or anyone you know hired Sonia? I’d love to hear what you think of her service, design and colour!

And now, I’m off to start another crazy weekend – I’m meeting alot of my vendors this weekend (I get to test my cake flavours!), dholki’s for our weddings start, I have a furniture shopping date with my mom, I’ll be buying the remaining chocolate for my favours, drop by my shaadi venue to discuss some details – the list could go on, but I’ll spare you guys.

Have a great weekend 🙂 (I don’t have a long weekend, but enjoy yours if you do!!)