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PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2012: Elan

It’s time to indulge our eyes with bridal fashion. YEAY! I’ll post a roundup of the highlights from the show but for now, here is one of my favourite new designers. I have come to love Elan’s collection.

Love the colours on this one

Pretty colours but I’m not loving the neckline – a little unflattering

How hot is the back? Too bad it’s way revealing for me!

Intricate! The colours and kaam remind me a little of Sana Safinaz

Simply elegant

*All the above images are via Fashion Central*

Love it or seen the same thing too many times? Tell me what you think!


Friday’s Feature: Sara Baig Designs

Over the past few weeks, I have featured numerous couples on Friday. I thought I’d switch gears and highlight a multi-talented individual today!

While searching for a decorator for my wedding, I came across Sara Baig Designs. Sara Baig does design and event planning – be it a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary, birthday or any other special moment.

Although I did like SBD’s work online, I really fell in love when I saw her work at a family friends wedding. Her work exudes beautiful simplicity, elegance and modern chic. I have seen Sara Baig’s work numerous times now and I have always been blown away by the classiness.

I had the opportunity to meet Sara Baig at the Civilized Bride Show  – she is sweet, down to earth, and easy to talk to. Her personal style reflected that of her work – simple, elegant and oh-so-polished.

*All the above images are via Sara Baig Designs Facebook page*

Behind The Scenes: Mehendi Day

The day of the Mehendi, for me, started out pretty calm. My mom, sisters and I had set aside everything that we needed to wear or take with us a few days before the Mehendi. I made a checklist that included every small item that we might need just incase we forgot the day of. Yes, there was some running around that day but it was mostly for everyone else but me. My uncles went to pick up flowers and my sisters/brother-in-law went to the venue to set up the dholki area.

I woke up with a big smile on my face and some butterflies in my stomach. The first thing I did was yank my hands out of my covers to see my mehendi. Overall, I felt pretty good that morning. I had moments where my nerves took over – my hands became ice-cold – but I was pretty calm for the most part. Before I showered, I made mehendi to put on the mehendi trays and was about to start cutting fruits (instead of having mithai, we asked to be fed fruits) but my mom made a big deal and refused to let me cut them. Privileges of being a bride. The few minutes of panick I had were when my sisters were late and their makeup artist was about to be home any second. I’m pretty sure I called them and told them to drop whatever they were doing and get back asap. Thankfully, they made it back before the makeup artist came. YEAY!

I showered, blow dried my hair and then got my hair done. For the Mehendi day, I decided to do my own makeup and dupatta setting. I got my hair put up in a bun so it could hold my dupatta (it was a little heavy). While I was getting my hair done, I was pretty calm – even the makeup artist commented on it.

Once my hair was completed, I finished my makeup – besides my bright pink lips, I kept my makeup pretty minimal: foundation, green eyeliner, mascara and blush. Needless to say, I applied my makeup really fast. Once my sister and mom helped me pin my dupatta, I put on my remaining accessories: colourful matching chooriyan on one hand, 6 gold with white stone bangles on the other hand and a big ornate green ring. My makeup artist had put on my teeka and earrings when she did my hair. I put on my shoes and we were all set to go!

My sister putting on my chooriyan

The car ride to our venue is a bit hazy to me – I remember reading lots of dua’s, smiling, feeling a little nervous, anxious to get to the venue before anyone see’s me (my brother-in-law was speeding), and excited to get the party started. I just called my sister and she said I was a little quiet and seemed nervous. Once at the banquet hall, I went to see everything inside and meet with my vendors. We then decided to take pictures and videos of my family and I – the whole time, I remember feeling giddy and hoping that Nouman doesn’t see me. When we were almost done our photo-shoot, Nouman’s car pulled up and my sisters rushed to cover me. We hadn’t seen each other for 1 month, I wasn’t going to let him have a look at me just like that! Thankfully, I was standing (surrounded by my family) quite far and to the side of where he came in so he didn’t get a peek. Once he was inside, I rushed into the bridal room – my videographer/photographer making sure that Nouman wasn’t around.

The bridal room marked the beginning of a long wait. The bridal room was my safe haven and also a torture chamber. I would get excited when my friends/family came inside and any moment I had to myself was spent fixing my makeup/dupatta/posture. One of my closest friends, who lives in England, could not attend the wedding so I promised her that I would send pictures. While waiting, I took a picture and accidentally sent it to Nouman instead of her! Geez. Miraculously, I realized my error as soon as I hit SEND and then proceeded sending him a billion messages telling him not to scroll up. Tempted as he was, he listened.

You might be wondering why I put tape on my list. Well, while I was hanging out in the bridal room with some friends, my ring broke! The entire ring separated from the band! Obviously, this sent everyone in the room into panic mode. Girls were calling out solutions all over the place: tape, glue, needle and thread, chewing gum – yup, we heard it all. Since I knew we didn’t have tape or needle/thread, I was willing to use gum just as long as my ring stuck together. Anything in the name of fashion, right? Someone in the room went to check if they had eyelash glue in their purse – nope. Luckily, one of the girls found tape (I keep thinking we used band-aid) and everyone forced the ring to stick together. YEAY!

The ring that broke

While Nouman’s family was assembling for his entrance, I was trying to get a peek at him from my room. It didn’t work. I saw the top of his head at one point, major flips happened in my stomach at this point, but that was all. I could hear all the laughter, yelling and crazyness and that made me excited.

My family/friends receiving Nouman’s side

When it was finally time for my side to gather in the lobby, I touched up my makeup, straightened my duppatta, put on my shoes, read dua and was starting to wonder if I could walk out of the bridal room (I didn’t know if the main doors to the hall were closed or not), when I heard my younger sister say, “Oh! Someone should probably get Shaza!!” I smiled when I heard everyone laugh. YEAY! It was time!! As I walked to the staircase, all my “peoples” started cheering – I sure felt special.

The walk in was a little nerve wrecking – I was praying I don’t trip, excited to see Nouman, and hoping that I don’t walk too fast or too slow. I walked in under a pink dupatta that my mother-in-law had draped on me at my baat pakki – with my 3 uncles and brother-in-law holding each corner up. As we entered, I remember seeing my mother-in-law, one of Nouman’s aunts, 1 cousin and alot of light. I don’t recall any faces other than those 3 although I know I waved at everyone that was receiving me. At one point, the men holding my dupatta stopped – for what seemed like 100 years (it was probably 5 seconds in reality) – and I just wanted to get on stage.

Getting ready to walk in

Once I was on the stage, I felt relieved to see Nouman. The walk had been nerve wrecking and I felt at ease as soon as we were side-by-side.

I’ll share moments from the rest of the night once I get my pictures!

Bridal Jewellery: Big Rings

I love rings! Especially the big rings that have been in fashion for brides. These days, it seems the bigger the better but I disagree. While I do love big rings, I’m not a fan of the ginormous rings that some girls/brides wear.

I knew I wanted a big ring to enhance the ‘traditional bride’ look that I wanted to create on the wedding day. Check out a picture of me at the end!

Precious Collections by Maira Khurram

That’s me!

p.s. I’m hoping to get my pictures soon – can’t wait!!

Friday’s Feature: The Crane Resort in Barbados

I am SO excited to share this post with you guys. Our honeymoon was beyond fabulous – we had an amazing time Alhamdulilah. This post is going to sound like an advertisement but I promise you, it’s not. I just fell in love with the people, the food and the entire country of Barbados.

So, let’s start at the beginning…

If you recall, my only request for our honeymoon was to relax. When we started searching for honeymoon locations, Nouman thought it would be cool to have our own private plunge pool. I wear a Hijab, so this would be perfect – the more we thought about it, the more we loved the idea. To fulfill this wish of ours, Nouman found the perfect place for us – The Crane Resort in Barbados.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never been to a resort or an “Island.” Not even Centre Island in Toronto. Naturally, I was super excited – Nouman and I were both looking forward to getting away from all the wedding craziness. The closer we got to the wedding, the more excited we were for our getaway.

Here’s how it all went down…

We arrived in Barbados just minutes behind a massive British Airways flight – the lineup at customs was pretty big but we moved fast. Baggage claim was even faster – our luggage was already waiting for us by the time we arrived at the belt. As a surprise to me, Nouman had arranged for us to be picked up at the airport in a luxury car so a driver was waiting for us at the airport doors. I’m childish, I got really excited to see a man holding a sign with our names!

As we drove to the resort, we noticed that all the homes were very colourful – there were splashes of pink, blue, yellow and green everywhere. The car ride to The Crane was around 15 minutes. As we entered the resort, we were completely transported into a different world. Wooden doors opened up to a gorgeous driveway – there were palm trees and lush bushes on both sides… I honestly felt as if we was entering some hidden land.

The entrance gates

The first thing we saw at the lobby entrance were these cute signs!


Lobby and hallway leading to the bar

Upon arrival, we were given complimentary drinks. The most amazing fruit punch ever!

Check-in was easy enough – we were a little disappointed because we didn’t get the room we had requested but we were assured that we would be moving in the next day. Good enough for us! 🙂 The rooms were pretty identical – the only differences were the view and the level of privacy in the pools; the first room was at ground level (pool was less private) and our final room was on a higher floor (giving us complete privacy in our pool). The rooms were huge, clean and so comfy! It was a perfect blend of classic and modern – have a look at the pictures below.

Entrance to our building

Our dining table – overlooking the resorts’ village

Our living room



View from our first room – chilling on our patio and private plunge pool

Breakfast for 2 on our patio

Balcony in our requested room

Our plunge pool in the requested room

Although we ate most of our meals out, there were 5 restaurants to choose from at the resort (I’ll be writing about food in a separate post). At the heart of the resort was the “Crane Village.” It’s a cutesy area with a variety of things such as a general store, bar, souvenir shops, an icecream store/cafe and even a town hall.

The general store – we bought lots of snacks from here

Town Hall upstairs and a souvenir store downstairs

The landscaping of the Crane is ahmazing. Everything is clean, well-maintained and just gorgeous.

Cliff near the pool area

Cobbled path leading to the pools

Pool and our building!

Taken from our balcony


The beach was absolute perfection. I haven’t been to an island before but Nouman ranked it as the best beach he’s been to. When we were searching for a destination, we couldn’t decide if we wanted to be at a beach or near a cliff. The Crane had the best combination of both. The sand was really fine, soft, white and clean (there were no broken shells or rocks to stab your feet) and the water is a bright turquoise colour. We couldn’t get over how amazing the sand and water was. The waves are fairly strong – perfect for people who like having a good time in the ocean water.

The beach

One of the pools on the other side of the resort

The cliff was also gorgeous – Nouman even went cliff diving!

How gorgeous is that water?

Nouman diving into the water!

*Disclaimer: All the above images are owned by Shaza’s Scrapbook. If you want to use any of my images, I am oh-so-flattered, but please do not copy the images. Instead, link back to this post… or I will find you.*

The culture of the resort, and Barbados, is very laid back and relaxed. If you’re a clock watcher, Barbados might not be for you. We loved the fact that we did not see clocks around our resort – it was a complete contrast to life in Toronto… and we loved it! Alhamdulilah. The people of Barbados, and the staff at the Crane, are extremely friendly and courteous – everyone always offers a smile and “hello” as they pass.

We can’t wait to go back to Barbados and The Crane 🙂

This is part 1 of a series of posts – you’ll have to come back next week for additional pictures from our honeymoon!

Our Dholki’s

Thought I’d share some pictures with you guys 🙂 A huge thank you to our family and friends for organizing them!

How cute is this? 🙂

Nouman’s mom and chachi dholkying it up

This was delicious

Dholki # 2


Homemade brownies

I love laddoo’s

I walked by this table continuously and grabbed stuff every single time

Sardia – she just got married this past weekend

My turn

The flowers match my outfit. Yeay!

Flower Power

Friday’s Feature: Zoreed Raza – La Celebrators

I came across the work of Wedding Planner & Event Designer, Zoreed Raza, on Facebook last week. Her organization, La Celebrators, does stunning work!


This would be perfect for a mehendi


Can you imagine walking down THIS aisle? Stunning!

This isn’t even the stage…

Unique Walkway

*All the above images are via Zoreed Raza’s Facebook Page*

Have a good weekend everyone!