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Bridal Jewellery: Big Rings

I love rings! Especially the big rings that have been in fashion for brides. These days, it seems the bigger the better but I disagree. While I do love big rings, I’m not a fan of the ginormous rings that some girls/brides wear.

I knew I wanted a big ring to enhance the ‘traditional bride’ look that I wanted to create on the wedding day. Check out a picture of me at the end!

Precious Collections by Maira Khurram

That’s me!

p.s. I’m hoping to get my pictures soon – can’t wait!!


Pakistani Fashion Trends: Bridal Jewellery

I’ve been wanting to blog about this Pakistani Bridal Trend for a while and finally got the time to do so today.

We all know that Pakistani/Indian/South Asian brides wear alot of jewellery, but have any of you seen the trend of wearing necklaces as headpieces? I’ve seen alot of it on the runway, but lately I’m finding more and more real brides wearing this trend.

For the most part, I do like the look… although I think you have to be a really confident bride to pull it off!

Real Bride

Real Bride

Yes, those are necklaces! What do you think?

Friday’s Feature: Jewelicious

It’s finally Fridayyyyy!! I’m so happy – I’ve had a super busy week and can’t wait to have some downtime. I’ll update everyone on what I was upto… but you’ll have to wait until next week ๐Ÿ™‚

Today’s feature is about jewellery by Jewelicious. Jewelicious is a joint venture by 2 ladies, Uzma and Azmi, that is based out of Lahore, Pakistan. In their own words, Jewelicious is the “answer to the prayers of all those women (and girls) who love real and expensive jewellery but donโ€™t want the hefty price tag that comes along with it.”

Sooo what sets Jewelicious apart from other companies? Their collection is gorgeous!! They also have a ton of variety – whether you want a traditional, modern, simple or everyday look, there is something for everyone. I love the new concept of imitation jewellery… you can look awesome and not pay thousands of dollars for it. I also personally know Uzma (baji) and she’s an awesomely sweet person and really really attentive – she’s super creative and very detail oriented.

p.s. Maria B, the Pakistani designer, wore custom-made jewellery by Jewelicious to her wedding in 2011.

Maria B wearing Jewelicious at her wedding

*Images via Jewelicious on Facebook

Hope you have a great weekend!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Bridal Jewellery: Nath

I’ve been debating about wearing a Nath (nosering) on the shaadi day.

Growing up, I’ve always wanted to wear a nath – simple because it’s traditional. Back in those days though, every bride used to wear it. Nowadays, the concept of a large nosering is rarely seen in reality. You know the type if nath I’m talking about, right? A simple/plain gold nath with 3 “balls” at the bottom.

Sooo should I wear a nath or not?! I keep going back and forth between my decision. Confession: I have a nath at home and I parade around my house in it sometimes. Haha. I definitely don’t look glamorous or elegant –ย  but hey, with my curly hair, glasses and ripped old PJs, it would be hard for me to look classy in anything.

For now, I think I’m leaning towards a yes.