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Monday’s Munchies: Mickey’s Pizza

I am so excited to share this amazing pizza place with you guys. My mom, sisters, Nouman and I love pizza – it’s my all time favourite thing to eat.

A few years ago, I had deep dish pizza in the Middle East. Since then, the only other time I’ve had deep dish was in Chicago this summer. I love deep dish and have been on a mission to find it in Toronto. For those who don’t know, deep dish pizza is different from regular pizza because the crust is thick and deep (hence the name!).

Guess what? I found a place and it is heavenly! Those of you who eat Halal, they have Halal chicken options.

Mickey’s Pizza is a small pizza joint in Mississauga – it can seat about 10 people in the summer and probably 5-7 in the winter. There isn’t alot of space inside the place but it is screaming of character. Surprisingly, for a small place, they have a very extensive menu. There are options for meat lovers, chicken fanatics and even vegetarians like me!

We got one of the combo specials – 3 deep dish pizza’s for $45. 2 of our pizza’s were vegetarian and the other one had chicken. We ordered The Cheesy Beast, Spinach King and Mango Tango.

  • Crust: Buttery but not greasy, thick but not heavy and overall just perfect.
  • Sauce: I love that the pizza isn’t dripping with sauce but isn’t dry either. The balance of sauce and cheese is just right


I love it when I can see some of the cooking/baking

2 of our 3 pizza’s – $45 for 3 deep dish pizza

The Cheesy Beast

  • Mozzarella, Goat, Feta, Cheddar, Asiago, Parmesan & Monterey Jack Cheese
  • This pizza is a cheese-lovers dream. I’m not a huge fan of ooey-gooey-cheesey things so this was a bit much for me but overall, I still really liked it. Even for someone who doesn’t love cheese, I still liked the pizza – it just wasn’t my favourite. Of the 2 veggie pizza’s, my mom and Nouman labelled this as their favourite

The Cheesy Beast

Spinach King

  • Sauteed Spinach with Cheddar, Asiago, Parmesan & Monterey Jack
  • This was my favourite – it was very flavourful and all the ingredients complimented each other remarkably.

Mango Tango

  •  Chicken, Carmelized Onion, Mango, Hot Peppers and sprinkled with Garam Masala
  • I can’t say much about this since I didn’t have it. The overall consensus was that this was the best of the 3 – probably because most people like meat

Mango Tango

Chicken Slice

Spinach King Slice

I would absolutely recommend this joint for all deep dish lovers. Comparing this to Chicago, I think Mickey’s Pizza just might be 0.01 better!

Note: If you eat Halal, make sure you check with them each time you go there as their supplier could change anytime.


Dressing For the Heat: Hijabi Edition

Before I start on what I actually want to write about, I have a funny story to share with you guys.

While we were in Barbados, I took my Hijab slightly different than I normally do. Instead of wrapping my Hijab around my chin (i.e. covering my hair and my neck), I wrapped it just around my head (exposing my neck). Since I didn’t look like a “gori” or local, I apparently stood out more than I thought I would. And let’s face it, I do expect to stand out almost everywhere I go because of my Hijab. Everyone in Barbados is super nice but I got stared at. Alot. I got stared at so much that I once asked Nouman if there was something on my face. But no, I was just different so people stared. The guys wanted to be my friend. Wink wink.

My Hijab style in Barbados

Anyway, back to the topic on hand…

I normally don’t get hot; I’m always freezing. Sometimes, I have to step outside my work to get “toasty.” Yup, I’m one of those people who think 30+ degrees is PERFECT – much to Nouman’s disbelief might I add. I do love to wear summery clothes in the summer though. Below are some tips for those of you who cover-up in the summer:

  • Maxi Dresses & Long Skirts: Your BFFs for the summer. Light, airy and oh-so-comfortable! I’m not much of a skirt wearer, but maxi dresses are a staple in my summer wardrobe. I have around 10 long dresses and I always want more. Most dresses are sleeveless, so you can pair them with the below
  • Shrugs/Cardigans: You can pair long dresses with a light cardigan or shrug/bolero. Don’t use the same cardigans as you have for the winter – those are obviously way too thick. Instead, purchase your cardigans/shrugs around Fall or Spring; you’ll find nice colours and they’ll keep you cool in the heat. I can never have enough of these – I always buy solid colours since they are the most versatile (black, white and bright pink are my go-to colours)
  • Shirt Dresses: I love these. If you see a long sleeve shirt dress, buy it. These are often made of cotton or chiffon so it’s perfect for a hot day. Pair these with:
  • Full Length Tights: Who doesn’t love a stretchy elastic band at the waist? I’d trade in my tight jeans for tights anyday. They keep you cooler than jeans and add a bit of flair to any outfit
  • Long Sleeve Shirts: This is a tough one, but if you can find them, buy them! Wearing a cotton or chiffon long sleeve shirt is great – it can dress up any look (paired with dark jeans) and saves you from wearing cardigans ontop of jeans.
  • Linen Pants: I bought a pair of loose-fitted linen pants for our honeymoon and I LOVE them. I only wore them once on our honeymoon, but I ware them often around Toronto. So comfy and so light.

Tights and a dress – this was in January so I paired it with boots. In the summer, I wear flats or sandals instead.

If you wear a Hijab…

  • Headbands/Bonnets: I don’t know about you, but most of the time I wear a full cap under my Hijab. I’ve worn it from day 1 so I find it the most hassle-free thing to wear. However, if I’m going to a really hot place (i.e. Karachi in June), I often switch the cap for a headband/bonnet. There’s less fabric around your neck – so it helps keep things cooler
  • Material Matters: Wearing a thick velvet Hijab might not be the smartest choice for summer. Go for lightweight and breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen or silk.
  • Colour Blast: It’s summer – enjoy bright or light colours but avoid dark ones such as black. This is the one tip that I’ve been having a hard time sticking to recently. I went through a phase (2 summers ago) where I LOVED colourful Hijabs – the brighter, the better. This summer, I’m still loving my black. I think it has something to do with the fact that my favourite Hijab (2 for $10 from Ardene) is black. I have the same one in blue but I don’t love it as much. Yeah, I’m weird. I do wear colourful clothes so I guess it balances out! I love yellow these days. I have a yellow (full sleeve chiffon) shirt and I wish I could wear it everyday.

Long dress, check. Thin cardigan, check. Light Hijab, check.

Seriously, it’s not that hard. I know many desi’s hate summer because of clothing issues… but I love it!

Friday’s Feature: Amna and Haseeb

I saw a sneak peek of this bride, Amna, on Facebook and could not wait to see more pictures. MashAllah, the bride is stunning! I’m not sure if the bride wears a Hijab, but the styling of her dupatta is great for anyone looking for inspiration on covering their hair.

The event was covered by Amna Hakim Photograhphy – you might remember her from one of my previous posts. I love the clarity and creativity of Amna Hakim and she’s so full of bubblyness and energy!


I heart family pictures

The detail shots are amazing

Pretty outfits


The pillow is so cute

Rukhsati’s are always so sad

Have a great weekend!

Happy Birthday Blog: Giveaway!

I know some of you love Monday’s Munchies, but I had to change it up today because it’s my blog’s 1st birthday today! YEAY!

I can’t believe it’s been 1 year – at times it feels like I just started this blog and yet sometimes it feels like I’ve been writing forever. When I started this blog, I could not have imagined the overwhelming love I’ve received from everyone.  Whether you’re someone I’ve known my entire life or a complete stranger blogging from halfway around the world (shoutout to Sippingchai), I am SO thankful that you have made me a part of your routine. Your support means the world to me!

Since I’m a number-cruncher, some stats for you:

  • The blog went from zero followers to over 200
  • We are 3 months into the start of this year and Alhamdulilah, I have already had more than half of my entire viewership of last year.
  • From March 2011 to February 2012, there has been nearly a 2000% increase in my monthly views! What the heck?! Is that even possible?! YEAY!

Nerdy fact about me: I still get just as excited as I did the first time one of you left a comment on my blog. Sometimes your comments/email make me smile all day 🙂

I would like to thank you by hosting my first giveaway!

How To Enter & Rules:

  • Leave a comment below telling me what you favourite post is and why
  • You must be a follower of my blog
  • This giveaway is limited to residents of Canada only – my international readers, share some love and leave a comment anyway! 🙂
  • The giveaway closes on Sunday, March 25th at 9pm EDT
  • For extra entries, go crazy with social networking – Tweet about this (include me in the tweet @Shazasscrapbook); share my Facebook page (tag @ShazasScrapbook) or link back to this post if you blog about it!

Up for grabs is this pretty necklace. I loved it so much that I bought one for myself too!

p.s. You don’t want to miss tomorrow’s post – eye candy galore!

Islamic Nail Polish

You’re thinking, what the heck is Islamic nail polish, right? Before I tell you, let’s decide not get into whether you believe nail polish prevents Wudhu or not (seriously, there are ALOT of more important issues that we ALL need to address before we get to nail polish, don’t you think? :)).

Islamic Nail Polish is nail polish that peels off and is very common in the Middle East. Basically, you can put on this nail polish and if you ever need to wudhu, you can peel it right off! It’s also great for those of you who don’t wear nail polish because you don’t like the hassle of using nail polish removers.

It’s actually pretty fun to wear it and then pull it off!

Starting to peel

Looks nasty.

You can find Islamic/peel off nail polish at many places. Some places you can check out: Yahala Fashion and Sula Beauty. I have not tried either brand.

Paint and peel nail polish is not recommended for prolonged wear – the nail polish chips easily. For best use, I’d suggest wearing a  clear/protective coat on top of the peel off nail polish 🙂

Monday’s Munchies: Slice of New York – Review

A few years ago, the sisters and I were routinely checking when we came across Slice of New York. A Halal joint, with good reviews, that sells stromboli’s and hoagies – we knew we had to go! I’ve been to Slice of NY around 4 times and here are my thoughts:

Authorized Halal by an Islamic organization. Even their cheese is Halal 🙂

In the downtown core – right after Yonge & Dundas. It’s proximity to Ryerson University means that you’ll find lots of students around lunch time.

Customer Service
Amazing – the brothers working behind the counters are super friendly and nice.

It’s a small, fast-food joint so please don’t go in expecting fine dining experience. It can seat about 20-25 people at the most and it’s all self-serve (duh).

Slightly pricey for fast food ~ $10ish per person if you include a side and drink.

This place is more suited for meat-lovers than vegetarians. There is a large variety of food options – Shawarma, Stromboli, Pizza, Burger, Hoagies, Fries, etc

  • Fries: I love their fries – they have just the right amount of crunch and softness. Yum, yum, yum!
  • Pizza: Pizza is definitely good although I do prefer more sauce (I’m more of a Mamma’s Pizza kinda girl rather than Pizzaiolo). They always have around 6-7 different types of pizza’s ready so I do like that they have variety.
  • Hoagies:
    – My veggie hoagie was alright – nothing great. It had tomato sauce, green peppers, onion, mushrooms (I think) and cheese. You have the option of choosing a tomato or cream based sauce. While the hoagie was good, I felt like it lacked something – roasted red peppers or something would’ve added a yummy kick to the flavour.
    – Nouman’s Philly Cheese Steak was great according to him.
  • Stromboli: The sisters love it – they’ve had the Manhattan and Italian. The older one especially likes the Manhattan – it has the perfect combination of meat and cheese; she really likes the sausage in it.

Veggie Hoagie + Philly Cheese Steak

Veggie Hoagie

Veggie - it was good but I prefer a little more sauce

Italian Stromboli

If you’re in the area and craving Halal fast food, I’d definitely give this a try.

Burkhini: Muslim Swimming Gear

Guess what people?

I went swimming on the weekend! I love swimming and have been swimming since I was a little kid – whenever people ask me if I’m into any sport, I always say, “nope… except I love swimming!” (THERE Nouman – I will bring some sportiness into this relationship :p)

I associate swimming with my childhood since us sisters have always been into swimming. My memories of weekends and summer holidays are swamped with us swimming for hours, coming home to eat chips as our bodies feel sore, and our nanna telling us that every summer we come to Pakistan looking darker. Haha.

I don’t go very often ever since I have “grown up” mainly because of Hijab issues – I need to go somewhere where either there are no men around or I wear a Burkhini.

So anyway, I decided to go swimming on Sunday – I whatsapp’d Nouman to tell him and this is what he said:

Me: Guess what?
*I wait patiently for him to excitedly type, “WHAT?!?!??!!“*
*I am greeted by silence so I continue with my story*
Me: I’m going swimming today!!!
Him: How :O
Me [thinking Nouman must be having a slow day]: Umm… I’m going swimming…
Him: Hair? Skin?
*It clicks to me what he’s concerned about*
Me: I have a full suit :p haha
Him: Haha :p ok scuba diver :p

Burkhini’s actually do look like a wet suit except that it’s made of swimsuit material rather than rubber. I wore one when I went swimming on Sunday!

If I’m being completely honest, I was a little uncomfortable embarrassed to wear it – what would people think?! Thankfully though, once I put it on all my worries were laid to rest – I felt just like I did when I was a kid… happy to go swimming! They are just like regular swimsuits except that they are longer… add a swimming cap and you’re good to go! 🙂

Even though I’m comfortable enough to wear a Burkhini on a regular day, I’m not sure if I’d want to bust one out on my honeymoon. I think I would attract way more attention than the girls wearing itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny bathing suits… Jus sayinnnn!

Electric blue and turquoise - what was mumma thinking when she got these?!

p.s. I’m thinking of embarrassing Nouman on the honeymoon by bringing it along – the look on his face will be priceless 🙂 hahaha