Monday’s Munchies: A Review of Chipotle

Hope everyone had a good weekend!Mine was good – it wasn’t too busy except for Friday (besties wedding)

For today’s munchy, I’m blogging about Mexican food – yum, yum yum! I’m going to be completely honest here: I have no idea what real authentic Mexican food tastes like – I would SO love to go to Mexico and try their food (hint hint Nouman). The closest I’ve gotten to Mexican food are places like Burrito Boys… okay, and I’ve been to Chimichanga’s.

Chipotle is close to my office and I’m kind of addicted to it. It is SO delicious!

My Order
Veggie Burrito Bowl

Whats In My Bowl
Cilantro-lime rice, fajita vegetables (green peppers and onions), black beans, guacamole, fresh tomato salsa, roasted chili corn salsa, tomato green chili salsa, and topped off with lettuce

My Thoughts

  • Customizing: I love that customers can customize their food according to their preferences.
  • Ease of Ordering: Ordering on-location is straight forward but if you’re ordering lunch at work, you can place your order online or through fax – it is so easy! Group orders are extremely easy to use for large parties. Oh, and there is even an iPhone Ordering app!
  • Price: Definitely on the pricier side for fast-food, but it is SO good. If you add nothing to your order, you’re looking at around $9.50 after taxes – add guac or a combo and the price goes up (duh)
  • Portion: HUGE
  • Flavour: Yum, yum, yum! I’m not a fan of avocado but I really really really love the guac that they have. It is so flavourful that I actually crave it sometimes. I also really like the cilantro-lime rice – they both add just the right amount of flavour without being overpowering.

Weight-Watchers/Carb Counters/Health Conscious Eaters
I definitely appreciate that we are able to customize our meals according to what we want. If you want to eat healthy, you can always ask for brown rice instead of white or ask them for 1/2 the rice and extra lettuce/veggies/beans/whatever else you want!

According to their website, the rennet in the cheese is from a vegetable source so go ahead and eat that! Their pinto beans, however, are cooked with bacon so opt for their black beans.

They put my name on it... how nice :p

You'd think it was mainly lettuce until you mix the bowl

Brown rice

Avec white rice

All done!

I’d love to know what you think of Chipotle if you have tried/whenever you do try it 🙂


*Edited: Please note that, to my knowledge, none of the meat items are Halal*


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