Desi Wedding Shows: Suhaag and Kismet

I went to my last wedding show this past weekend – after 2 years, this was the final one! WOOT WOOT! It’s actually a little sad but I’m definitely more excited that the wedding planning is almost over.

Before I started planning my wedding, I had no idea what happens at wedding shows nor that there are wedding shows specifically for South Asian brides. Naturally, I was shocked when I found out that the GTA hosts not one but two desi wedding shows – how awesome is that? 🙂

Suhaag and Kismet are the 2 largest South Asian wedding shows in the GTA. The turnout at both of these events is HUGE – we’re talking close to 200 vendors and a few thousand “guests” throughout the day. Pretty impressive!

Both of the shows happens twice every year – once in the winter and once in the fall. I think wedding shows are a great way to meet different vendors and get a taste of their work and personalities. I totally recommend that brides should go to wedding shows – the amount of information (and deals) available at these shows is amazing. If you organize your thoughts before the shows, you will come away with lots of useable information.

Top Reasons For You To Attend

  • Information Overload: The best way to meet a variety of vendors at one location – this means you save time. You don’t need an appointment to get a feel for someones work… you can walk up to their booth and skim through their work! You can also check out the latest wedding trends whether it’s dresses or decor
  • Great Deals: Many vendors offer a discount if you book them during the shows – who wouldn’t want to save 10% off a certain service? 🙂
  • Inspiration: There is a little something for every type of bride and the wedding shows are a great way to get inspired. So many different displays, so many people with different backgrounds – you’ll be full of ideas!
  • Prizes: Let’s be honest, everybody loves to get free stuff, right? Wedding shows offer loads of gifts and prizes – you might be the lucky winner! 🙂
  • Have Fun: You’re getting married – how can you NOT go to atleast one wedding show? 🙂 It’s all part of the experience and you need to have fun while you’re planning!

While both of the shows are great, I think I like Kismet slightly more than Suhaag. The reason? Simply because I find Kismet to be more interactive – you can get makeup demo’s, henna on your hands, pictures taken at Photographers booths, and my favourite; you get to taste some cake (also at Suhaag)!

All the below pictures are from the wedding shows

Bite Bar

Big Al Studios - Our Photographer! Their booth was set up in Valentines Day theme

I got a demo done by them - pictures coming soon 🙂

That's me - completely shocked at winning something at Suhaag last year.. because I NEVER win. Not even at Bingo. Sorry the picture quality sucks - it's a camera phone

The vase got knocked off and broke... right at the end of the Kismet show

p.s. One more day until FRIDAY!! 🙂


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