Pakistani Wedding Traditions: Joota Chupai

South Asian weddings are deeply enriched with rituals (rasm) from the first to the last event – and I love most rasms! Joota Chupai is a tradition that stems from the Indian culture. So what exactly is this ritual? Joota Chupai is when the bride’s family/friends steal the grooms shoes and return it in exchange for money.

The entire rasm of Joota Chupai is lots of fun – there is alot of back and forth while both sides try to negotiate a deal. The point isn’t to rip off the grooms side (okay, maybe a little!), the ritual is meant to be a fun way of engaging your guests.

Counting the money

Photography by Aamer Kapadia

Things can get pretty heated... haha
Photography by Aamer Kapadia

Tip: Please decide a maximum time limit for the negotiations. I’ve been to weddings where the Joota Chupai takes over 20 minutes – by the end, none of the guests are having fun! 15 minutes should be the absolute max.


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